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ParticipantsOnStageThis global conference (August 4th and 5th) and it’s pre-conference and post-conference events have passed. Participants from many parts of the world showed much enthusiasm and energy and have been collaborating and exchanging information whenever possible. We all hope  that we can continue to cooperate with this energy and enthusiasm in the future, now that we need to rely on electronic communication, and that we can develop our work and create a wider and deeper commitment within labour unions for the struggle against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and for the promotion of diversity policies.

One of the concrete outcomes of these days of intense international collaboration is that we will write a proposal for the meeting of the Global Union Federations, aspiring to broaden the basis for LGBTI trade union policies and activities. The preparations will be open by means of the facebook site.

As this website was meant for the (preparations for the) Freedom at Work conference itself, it will only remain accessible for a limited time. We thank all of you who have been involved in making the conference successful!

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