Dutch National Pride, Amsterdam Pride, EuroPride

In the Netherlands the National Pride celebration, based on the commemoration of the Stonewall Riots, is known as Pink Saturday. After the first Dutch Pride marches had taken place in Amsterdam, the (at that time) lesbian and gay organisations decided to confront other cities with Pride marches, and for each year a “new” city or town is chosen as venue for the National Pride celebration.

Apart from this national celebration, Amsterdam organisations have created a tradition of a local celebration (on a different date), which attracts more public and media attention than the national Pride. The most spectacular element of this Amsterdam Pride is the so-called Canal Parade, a group of boats, every boat representing a different organisation, passing through the Amsterdam canals.

Since a few years the European Association of Pride Organisers EPOA tries to annually highlight one of the Pride events in Europe by granting it the honorary title “EuroPride”. Europride 2015 was held in Rīga (Latvia); Amsterdam has been selected for 2016.

Trade union LGBTI conferences

It is not the first time that the FNV is involved in the organisation of an international conference on trade union LGBTI issues. In 1998 members of the former Abvakabo lesbian and gay group, in co-operation with people from other FNV and CNV unions and Dutch NGOs organised, together with partners from other countries, an international conference which was called Trade Unions, Homosexuality and Work.

This conference was a success and an example: since then both world congresses of global union federations and Gay Games (later: OutGames) often incorporated meetings on LGBT trade union issues in their programmes.